New Players

We welcome new players at any time of the year, from U12 level up to seniors. Most players join us when they are aged 9-11, after trying out the sport in a primary school team, and wanting to get better. You can join with no prior experience, as long as you are a confident swimmer (we train in the 5m pool).

We also welcome players joining us at U14, U16, U18, U21 and senior levels. You might want to play beyond your school team season, or you might come to Wellington from another centre. You might join us from club swimming, surf lifesaving or underwater hockey.

What will I learn? You'll learn more about water polo technique and tactics, from the eggbeater kick, making strong shots, one on one play, and team offence and defence. Our coaches have all played water polo to a high level, and can help make you a better player.

How do club and school water polo differ? Club water polo is mostly complementary to school water polo. Most Wellington school competitions run in Terms 1 and 4, while U16 and U18 club competitons run in Terms 2 and 3 (with school holiday national tournaments). U14 club competitons run in Term 4, with a mid-Dec national tournament. U12 players partipcate in local tournaments, and there is a national tournament around Sep-Oct.

When do you train? We train during school terms, from term 1 to term 4. Our training sessions are run late afternoon/evening at Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre, usually from Sunday to Wednesday. Most age groups train twice per week, but U12 players have a once per week option. Teams sometimes train three times per week prior to a national tournament.

How can I join? Fill in our contact form, and we will get in touch about coming to a training (we offer a Two Week Free Trial, limited to one per player, and you can select that group when you register). People need to fill in the registration form before entering the pool. You can join at any point in the year.