Harbour City Hawks club team participates in a range of local, regional and national competitions (we also run competitions for Wellington city primary schools).

  • Wellington Club Events We collaborate with Hutt City Water Polo and ManawatÅ« Water Polo to give our members top local competition. This is a great way to test and develop skills outside of school competitions, and in the leadup to national tournaments.

  • Sea Wolf Exchanges and other NZ Clubs We are working with the Auckland club Sea Wolf and other clubs around NZ to provide extra game weekends for our U16 and U18 teams, playing other teams as well during the exchanges.

  • National Tournaments At the national level, we participate in U12, U14, U16, U18 and U21 national tournaments (see We also enter teams in the Division 2 national league for women and men.

Club and school competitions usually complement each other, at local and national level. Club competitions usually occur in school terms 2 and 3, and school competitions usually play in terms 1 and 4.