This page covers the club's Privacy Statement, Team Selection Policy, Codes of Conduct and Child Protection, and Age and Gender rules.

Privacy Statement

Harbour City Water Polo Club Inc collects personal information from you, including information about club players':

  • name and contact details (also for parents of club players aged under 18, and organisers of primary school teams)
  • age
  • size (for uniform orders only)

We collect your personal information in order to deliver our club water polo programmes, manage our teams, and enter competitions and tournaments.

Besides our committee, coaches and managers, we share this information with Welington Water Polo and New Zealand Water Polo in order to deliver our club's water polo programmes, and to enter competitions and tournaments.

Occassionally (especially during tournaments), we will take photos of you during a water polo game or in a team photo (usually poolside before or after a game). We may use these photos on our website or on social media. If we do use a photo of you, we will not name or identify you or publish personal information (such as your email address or telephone number). We will only use images of you that are relevant to our club's activities.

If you have concerns about providing us with the personal infomration described above or do not wish us to take photos of you please tell us (see the contact details below).

You have the right to ask for a copy of any personal infomration we hold about you, and to ask for it to be corrected if you think it is wrong. If you'd like to ask for a copy of your information, or to have it corrected, please contact us.

Policy last updated February 2019

Team Selection Policy

The purpose of this document is to provide a clear policy and direction to all Harbour City Water Polo Club (the Club) stakeholders on how teams are selected for local competitions, and local and national tournaments.


Club stakeholders include but are not limited to:

  • Players
  • Parents/Guardians of players
  • Coaches
  • Managers

Through the adoption of this policy, the Club intends to provide a consistent policy and set clear expectations amongst stakeholders.


  • All players making themselves available for team selection must be financial members of the Club for the current financial year.
  • Team selections are the responsibility of the age grade head coach and their coaching team. (All proposed team lists will be ratified by the Club's Coaching Director.)
  • Decisions of team selection shall be final.
  • The focus for local competition teams will be participation and development. Teams will be selected to ensure that the teams are balanced as between themselves.
  • The focus for national tournament teams will be participation and performance. For each tournament, coaches will select a maximum of 12 players per team.
  • Selection decisions will be based on player skill and availability, as well as:
    • attendance at training, prior tournaments and club/team events (commitment);
    • good sportsmanship, abiding by our Club's Code of Behaviour on and off the field (attitude);
    • potential (especially of younger players).
  • If there are sufficient players for 2 or more teams then an A and a B team will be selected.
  • The Club will borrow players from other clubs only if there are insufficient numbers to make up a team or teams for a particular tournament from within the Club.
  • Pool time in a game is the sole responsibility of the team coach. While all players should get pool time during a tournament, players may not get equal pool time.
  • Coaches and managers will endeavour to set expectations where relevant for players ahead of the competition or tournament.

Policy last updated February 2019

Codes of Conduct and Child Protection

The Harbour City Water Polo Club (the Club) has approved the following policies to protect children and set behaviour standards for coaches and players.

  • The Club has adopted the New Zealand Water Polo (NZWP) Child Protection Policy. The policy "reinforces its commitment to providing an environment for children that is safe, free from harassment and abuse, and promotes respectful and positive behaviour and values." Children are defined as those under the age of 18.
  • All Club players must abide by the NZWP Code of Conduct for players. It covers issues such as playing by the rules, not arguing with officials, treating other players as they like to be treated themselves, and similar issues.
  • All Club coaches must abide by the NZWP Code of Conduct for coaches. It covers operating within the rules and spirit of the game, treatment of players, ongoing development, and related issues.

Policy last updated February 2019

Age and Gender

Junior age-based competitions are based on a player’s age as at midnight on 31 Dec (i.e. if you turn 12 on 1 Jan, you will be in the U12 age group that year).

Our Under 12 teams are mixed gender. The older age groups (U14, U16, U18 and Senior) play in male or female teams. U14 players often train together, for at least part of their sessions.

New Zealand Water Polo and Harbour City Water Polo Social Media Policy

  1. Introduction and Purpose

1.1  This policy sets expectations, obligations, and acceptable use practices for consuming and creating social media content which relates to New Zealand Water Polo (NZWP) and the sport of water-polo in New Zealand. This policy assists to establish a culture of openness, trust and integrity in all online activities related to the sport of water polo.

1.2  This policy applies to employees and contracted personnel of NZWP (Employees/Contracted Personnel), directors of the board of NZWP, members of NZWP, contracted athletes, referees, and players of NZWP, volunteers/unpaid workers of NZWP and medical specialists involved in water-polo (Everyone).

1.3  NZWP acknowledges the enormous value of social networking applications & websites, such as (but not limited to) Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap chat, YouTube and TikTok to promote and communicate stories about our sport and to celebrate the achievements and success of the people involved in our sport.

1.4  Employees/Contracted Personnel have permission to monitor social media sites during work hours for work purposes. Usage may be monitored and excessive use, particularly if it interferes with your duties, may result in the access being removed and / or disciplinary action.

1.5  It is expected that Everyone conducts themselves appropriately when using social networking sites to share information related to our sport. Social media content, including postings, blogs, status updates, txts, snapchats, tweets and all other forms of online communication:

  1. a)  Must not be offensive, provocative, harassing, discriminatory, embarrassing, intimidating, sexually explicit, bullying, hateful, racist, homophobic, sexist or otherwise inappropriate.
  2. b)  Must not be illegal.
  3. c)  Must not be dishonest, misleading, false or injure the reputation of another person or entity.
  4. d)  Must respect and maintain the privacy of others.
  5. e)  Must not release confidential information or information which is not, at the sole discretion of NZWP and Harbour City Executive, considered suitable for the public.
  6. f)  Must not be detrimental to NZWP or Harbour City Water Polo or the reputation or relationships of NZWP, the reputation of water-polo as a sport, your relationships with your colleagues and others involved in our sport, or the trust and confidence NZWP has in Everyone.
  7. g)  Must not use the intellectual property, including the registered trademarks and logos of NZWP or Harbour City Water polo without appropriate authorisation.
  8. h)  Before you post, blog or tweet, ask yourself this: Would you like someone to post, blog or tweet what you intend to say about you?

1.6  This Policy is unlikely to have given exhaustive coverage of the behaviour that we wish to protect each other and our sport against, In circumstances where guidance about social media issues has not been given in this policy, we suggest you use common sense or seek out advice from the Chief Executive Officer of NZWP.

1.7  Breaches of this Policy will be considered a serious matter and subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment or a contract. Where appropriate, NZWP or Harbour City Water polo will involve the police or other law enforcement agencies in relation to breaches of this policy.

1.8  This Policy is focused on transparency, dignity and maximising the potential of all people in the sport of water polo. This Policy goes to the preserving the values of NZWP and Harbour City Water polo.

1.9. This Policy should be read with other NZWP policies, including:

  1. a)  Code of Conduct.
  2. b)  Supplemental Code of Conduct for Employees and Directors.
  3. c)  Complaints Policy and Procedure.
  4. d)  The Whistleblower Protection Policy.
  5. e)  Child Protection Policy
  6. f)  Bullying and Harassment Policy.
  7. Complaints Policy and Procedure and Whistleblower Protection

2.1.  If someone makes a complaint about a breach or suspected breach of this Policy, NZWP’s Complaints Policy and Procedure will apply. People are entitled to raise concerns or complaints and have these addressed promptly and fairly. No-one should be punished or victimised for raising a concern or a complaint in good faith.

2.2.  If an Employee/Contracted Personnel becomes aware of a breach or suspected breach of this Policy and believes on reasonable grounds that the breach constitutes “serious wrongdoing”, as defined by the Whistleblower Protection Act 2022 (and summarised in the NZWP Whistleblower Protection Policy), they should report it according to the process set out in the Whistleblower Protection Policy.

Modified from NZWP Social Media Policy.

September 2023

Complaints Policy or Breaking of the Code of Conduct Policy

There may be times when a player, coach, manager, parent/caregiver, committee member or other member of Harbour City Water polo may have or may appear to have broken the Harbour City Water Polo Code of Conduct.

The following Policy outlines the procedure for complaints or code of conduct breaches and is supported by the NZWP NZWP Complaints Policy and Procedures and NZWP Conflict Resolution, Harassment and Bullying Policy.


All complaints are to be emailed to secretary@harbourcityhawks.org.nz. Discussion prior to the email can be done with the Boys, Girls or U12 Convenor or Executive members to allow for support for the complainant. Harbour City Water Polo supports the NZWP Whistleblower Policy.

  • All complaints received in writing will be dealt with by the Executive in conjunction with other relevant Harbour City Members- such as the coach and/or manager of the team (if relevant).
  • The committee will set up a meeting to action any specific complaints if it is warranted.
  • The Complaints committee will set and enforce a penalty should this if needed.
  • Emails must be received within 3 months of the alleged breach.

Once the complaint or Breach has been received a Disciplinary Committee will be formed that will include- Harbour City Chair, Convenor of the relevant age group involved and two Executive members or relevant club members. They will decide if a penalty is warranted and the next steps. The committee must act with haste and come together within 2 weeks of the complaint being emailed.

Penalties which may include:

  • Written apology.
  • Probation period.
  • Suspension.
  • Notification to New Zealand Water Polo.
  • Expulsion from the club.
  • Referral to appropriate external organisation such as NZ Police.

Once the complaint is heard and there will be a right of appeal.

Code of Conduct breach while on tournament. 

There will be times when a player, manager, coach or other relevant members of Harbour City Water polo Club may break our Code of Conduct while away at a tournament such as Age Group Nationals or other tournaments. At this time the Team Manager will act within the best interest of Harbour City Water Polo and will act with the support of the Executive. The Manager of the relevant team will email secretary@harbourcityhawks.org.nz and then immediately discuss the penalty with the relevant players and their parents/caregivers and the Harbour City Chair.

Penalties which may include:

  • Written apology
  • Probation period
  • Suspension
  • Return from the tournament at the player’s expense
  • Notification to New Zealand Water Polo
  • Expulsion from the club
  • Fine